The newly-developed lens unit and large-format image sensor
delivers high-definition 360° images for photographers who never compromise on the quality.
RAW recording is also supported for the ultimate in image quality.
Unprecedented levels of 360° expression has begun.
Realization of 23 megapixel still images
With RICOH THETA Z1, you can capture 23 megapixel high-definition 360° images. In regular shooting, THETA Z1 automatically corrects highlights so that overexposed areas are effectively handled even in high contrast outdoor scenes, delivering superb resolution.
RAW (DNG) recording
In addition to conventional JPEG images, this model can record in RAW (DNG) + JPEG format for authentic coloring and image quality editing just like a digital SLR camera.
4K 30fps video
Video can be recorded in 4K (3840x1920) 30fps, 360° high-definition quality. The video rotational stabilazation algorithm has been redesigned, making it possible to capture spherical images that are more realistic than ever before.
THETA Z1 also features selectable exposure setting, Av (Aperture Priority), Tv (Shutter Priority), ISO (ISO Sensitivity Priority), and M (Manual). This new feature provides fine control over settings when shooting.
Various shooting functions
Various shooting modes are included such as HDR rendering, which is particularly useful for indoor shooting, multi bracket shooting, which enables up to 19 continuous settings for shooting and interval composite function, for recording star trails.
New My Settings mode
Shooting settings set on a smartphone can be recorded as My Settings on THETA Z1. One set of each complete shooting settings for still images and videos can be saved. Switching to this mode can be done only with THETA Z1.
Newly-developed lens unit
The newly-developed lens unit features 14 elements in 10 groups, including 3 prisms. This new lens effectively suppresses ghosts, flare, and purple fringing. An aperture mechanism is also included for improved resolution characteristics.
Aperture mechanism (2 stop)
THETA Z1 is equipped with a 2 stop aperture mechanism. It enables aperture settings from maximum F2.1, F3.5 to F5.6. Closing down the aperture in bright locations can improve the resolution at the edge.
1.0-type large format image sensor
Equipped with a 1.0-type back illuminated CMOS image sensor of approximately 23 effective megapixel (6720x3360). Achieves the highest ISO6400 and demonstrates superior noise reduction performance even when shooting in dimly lit indoors and at night, which require high sensitivity.
3D spatial audio
THETA Z1 is equipped with a 4-channel built-in microphone for recording 360° spatial audio that not only captures sounds horizontally, but in all directions including vertically for reproducing the sounds and images of the scene perfectly. This feature creates immersive VR video content and more realistic video playback on a large screen.
Main processor
THETA Z1 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon™. This contributes to performance in various areas that include high-speed image processing and wireless transfer as well as reduced power consumption.