Expand your creativity to 360°
The time you
can express
your work in
360° has come.
As if you were in that very place at that very moment.
The vivid scenery in front of your eyes.
The clear sound striking your ears.
Reproduce those sensations somewhere else.
Relive the moment.
Not from a memory, but as a recording.
This is the new form of expression.
The 360° experience has reached to a new destination.
The newly-developed lens unit and large-format image sensor
delivers high-definition 360° images for photographers who never compromise on the quality.
RAW recording is also supported for the ultimate in image quality.
Unprecedented levels of 360° expression has begun.
  • 23MP
    Equivalent to approx.
    23 megapixel still image
  • 4K
    4K video
  • 1.0 type
    back illuminated
    CMOS sensor
  • Newly-developed Lens
    lens unit
  • RAW
    RAW (DNG) recording
A high-end magnesium alloy delivering durability in a lightweight body.
The beautiful organic EL panel displays important shooting information at a glance.
The design is throughly pursued to meet it's slim, compact form.
This is truly the inception of a 360° camera that brings you a joy to own.
  • Mg
    Magnesium body
  • 24 mm* *Excluding
    lens section
    Unique slim body
  • OLED
    Organic EL panel
  • Fn button
    Side body Fn button
Editing functions deliver unlimited 360° expression.
Utilizing a Lightroom plug-in for creating images
with no visible stitch and a dedicated app
that gives you the freedom to adjust brightness and color tones
brings you the power to create a new 360° world.
  • Basic app
  • THETA+
  • Adobe Lightroom
    Classic CC plug-in
4K live streaming lets you share 360° images in real time,
and 4K VR lets you use a VR viewer for an immersive experience.
You can also post your images to Google Street View
to share new maps with people all over the world.
  • VR
    VR experience
  • Live
    4K live streaming
  • Wireless LAN
    Wireless LAN
    client mode
  • Google Street View
Your THETA is now more convenient and easy to use.
Various plug-ins add new features to the THETA
just like installing apps on a smartphone.
Let your THETA evolve into a completely unique device.
  • Time lag
    Time Shift Shooting
  • USB
    USB Data Transfer
  • Remote
    Remote Playback
  • Live
    Live Streaming