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Sam Rohn in TOKYO
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[ App for computer ]
In addition to the basic app, other apps such as an app for stitching RAW images are also available.
With these apps, you can enjoy advanced 360° image expressions.
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic
The free RICOH THETA Stitcher app is a plug-in for stitching RAW images in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic. After developing RAW files captured with RICOH THETA, spherical images can be generated using the same stitching algorithm as on the THETA camera body.

Both Windows and Mac OS are supported, with an output file size of 7296x3648 pixels in TIFF (8/16 bit) or JPEG (8 bit) format.

In preview with grid lines, images can be magnified up to 1,000% and distance specification details can be changed during zenith correction, direction correction, and when stitching images.
  • Zenith correction
    Performs rotation correction so that the sky is up and ground is down.
  • Stitching method
    Method to use when stitching together 2 images. Although "Automatic" is recommended, it is also possible to configure the stitching distance manually.
  • Front position adjustment
    The image is moved parallel in a horizontal direction for composition adjustment.
  • Camera Visibility Reduction
    [ON] Reduces the amount the camera is captured in the shot. [OFF] Improves stitching accuracy towards the bottom of the camera.
  • Batch processing
    Two or more images will be batch processed with the same settings.

Tutorial Video by Russel Brown

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Basic app
An app for viewing 360 degree still images and videos
that you captured with the RICOH THETA on a computer
    You can view 360 degree still images and videos on a computer by dragging them to the main app. By dragging images and videos to the main app, you can rotate them as well as manipulate them with the navigation panel. By dragging video files that you captured with THETA to the main app, you can convert them to other formats as well as save them as 360 degree videos.
    You can post images and videos to the spherical site, "" and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube at the same time. You can also restrict publication and add hashtags to images and videos when you post them. *Videos with 360° spatial audio can only be shared on YouTube.

    *Videos with 360° spatial audio can only be shared on YouTube.
File Transfer for Mac
RICOH THETA File Transfer
This application is used to transfer files over 4GB recorded on the RICOH THETA Z1 to a Mac.
*For the supported OS versions, check the Recommended Operating Environment page.
For details, see here.
Movie converter app for YouTube
RICOH THETA Movie Converter
This application converts 360° spatial audio in videos recorded on the RICOH THETA Z1 to the YouTube spatial audio format. After conversion, the video can be posted to YouTube and enjoyed with 360° spatial audio.
Find out how to post video to YouTube

*When shooting, use a tripod, etc. with the RICOH THETA Z1 and ensure that it stands vertically.
*For the supported OS versions, check the Recommended Operating Environment page.
For details, see here.
[ Smartphone app ]
Simply install the smartphone app to enable remote shooting,
image editing after shooting, and sharing on social media.
Basic app
Spherical image can be taken, viewed, and shared.
Installing the app on your smartphone and connecting to RICOH THETA will enable you to shoot in remote control and to view the spherical image.
A function example that can be set while shooting
  • Switch between still image and video
  • Mode change
    Aperture priority
    Shutter priority
    ISO priority
    My Settings
  • Exposure compensation (EV)
  • White balance (Color temperature specification)
  • Self-timer
  • Interval shooting
  • Interval composite shots
  • Multi bracket shooting
  • Noise reduction/DR compensation/HDR Rendering

In addition to basic functions such as Shutter priority mode and exposure compensation, various shooting modes are supported such as HDR rendering and interval shooting. Recorded photos and videos can be transferred to a smartphone for viewing and easy upload to social media for sharing with others who don't have the THETA app.

Editing app
A specialized app for editing spherical images
Edited still images and videos can be easily shared via SNS.
Editing functions of THETA+
Editing still images
  • View
  • Filter
  • Image correction (exposure, contrast, color temperature, highlight, brightness, shadow, saturation)
  • Stamp
  • Text
  • Blur
  • Crop
  • Animation
  • Timelapse
  • Share
Editing videos
  • View
  • Filter
  • Trim
  • BGM
  • Share (When sharing, 360° videos and cropped videos can be selected.)

    360 Degree Video
    The video can be manually rotated after editing as well.
    It is now possible to save 4K videos shot on the RICOH THETA Z1 and keep the accompanying 360° Spatial Audio.

    Cropped Video
    The video can be cropped into a two-dimensional video.
    Cropped videos can also be uploaded to SNS services that do not support 360° videos.

The view can be switched to Flat, which flattens a 360° image, and Little Planet, which makes people and buildings appear as if they are on a small planet. It is also possible to create animations that rotate a single still image and combine multiple still images recorded in interval shooting into a single time lapse video.